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Speed Skates Diego Rosero. Switchblade skate frame size Size 4.5 (36)


Product Description

TruRev Smoke 'Em Speed Skate includes:

  • Diego Rosero US 4.5
  • 6 100mm wheels and 2 90mm wheels.
  • TruRev SWISS Bearings with Axles & spacers
  • 4 Wheel Frame. 12.8". 165mm mount (can use the boot for ice)

The 110mm SwitchBlade is Truly Revolutionary! Made in the USA from US AirForce grade aluminum, this frame is not just strong, but incredibly light as it is made with an extremely high grade aluminum! It is hollowed out from a single block of aluminum and has a mechanism which allows The Switchblade to be essentially multiple frames in one: 90-90-100-100 OR 100-90-100-100 wheel combinations. Simple switch red inserts at top of frame.

This is the perfect skate package for those who want to maintain the same height and center of gravity as a 4-100 frame, but desire the roll and extra force of the 110mm wheel. Having the option of putting two 100's on the front of the frame makes climbing hills, winding tracks, and skating indoors incredibly more manageable. This frame is superb for those who do not have the body weight and/or height of a Pro, but can rock the 110mm wheel.

 Reasons why you may want the switchblade skate. Here are a few scenarios :

  • Road Criterium courses (sharp turns throughout course). Easier for some skaters when they are low to the ground vs. big wheel skate.
  • Skater is strong enough to pull the 100 wheels, however they are “spooked” by the larger wheel in front (usually a smaller skater). The bigger wheel is throwing them off on their technique or dexterity. Solution: “Change the wheel in front until you are ready.
  • The perfect skate to grow into when you are not sure if bigger wheels are going to work for you. –e.g.- you can start off with a) 90-90-100-100 b) 100-90-100-100 c) 80-80-90-90 d) 90-80-90-90. Actually its 4 skates in one.
  • These scenarios are just a few examples on how the switchblade could be beneficial for some speed skaters.
  • We show both scenarios in the pictures, however, when you purchase the skate and if you do not request the 90-90-100-100, we will be shipping you the 100-90-100-100 configuration.

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